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Steering yourself through a challenging conversation with pacing and leading

In Assertiveness, Communication, Effectiveness on April 11, 2016 at 6:33 am


How many conversations do you have in a day? And how many of those conversations do you think you actually do well in? That you can walk away from thinking you handled well and said what you needed to say, delivered your message well, and got your intention across?

And while some conversations are easy to navigate, others aren’t so breezy. So how many of those conversations do you wish you could have again? And if given the chance, you would say something different, or in fact, say anything at all!

In a perfect world, all our challenging conversations would go according to plan and we would emerge with perfectly desired outcomes for both parties. And both parties would come out of the conversation stronger for it, with big smiles, skipping together through a field under a rainbow enhanced sky.

And yes, pink elephants would fly.

But plans don’t always go to, well, plan. And in a conversation where the stakes are high, such as a project conversation, or an invested or focused consultation, we want as much as possible to prevent a situation where we have to face an irate other party or handle a conversation where things have gone direly wrong.

You know the type of conversations I’m talking about. Conversations where there is conflict. Conversations that are challenging. Conversations that have the potential to damage relationships.

So what to do? The main thing is to rein in the chaos and then steer the conversation down a path you want it to go. But how to do this? Let’s have a look.

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