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Personal branding: Three important tips for presentation success

In Branding, Personal Branding, Style on May 4, 2017 at 6:32 am

Have you ever been to a presentation and left the room with such a positive first impression that even after they have finished the presentation, you want to continue to connect with them, meet them or do business with them? Why do you suppose that is?

Let’s say you attended a presentation and the presenter was sloppy in appearance, shuffled along the stage and never made eye contact with the audience. How would you feel if you were sitting in the audience? Would you even stay til the end of the presentation?

How important is the way we look to the success of the presentation? What are you communicating with your visual cues?

How you look plays a vital role in the message you send out. According to Albert Mehrabian, famous for his publications on the relative importance of verbal and nonverbal messages, 55% of the message we give is received through visual cues and body language.

It’s true what they say. First impressions last. Indeed, you only have approximately seven seconds to make that first impression. That’s not a long time. And you only get one chance. Remember that how you come across to others and how you communicate via how you look all becomes a part of your visual cue and the message you are giving before you even utter a word. As a presenter, this is your marketing and your calling card.

So what kind of impression would you like to leave as a presenter?

Briefly, let’s look at three ways you can improve your presentation before you even face your audience.

Dress appropriately. Before you don your favorite Armani suit, understanding the target audience is important. If the presentation or event requires you to wear a suit or jacket, by all means, wear one. If it doesn’t, don’t. You don’t want to alienate your audience before you even begin. People tend to listen to those they feel they can relate to, so dress appropriately to match the attire of the audience to start building a connection.

Body language. Even before you open your mouth to speak, your body language is already talking to your target audience. When presenting, try standing relaxed but with your back straight so you don’t appear as if you are slouching and try not to hold tension in any part of your body. Make relevant eye contact with the audience when speaking and move comfortably but with purpose around the space you occupy.

State of mind. How you look is more than just what you wear or how you carry yourself. It is important to consider that a state of mind also contributes to the way you look. Ever seen the way you react or respond to someone negative? Now consider how differently you react and respond to someone positive. It’s all about framing. So consider practicing positive thoughts and watch this channel into your demeanor.

Start with these three simple tips next time you prepare for a presentation. It also wouldn’t hurt to dress as you intend on the day and stand in front of the mirror to get a gauge of how your outfit might look on the day. Try also practicing some of the ways you might stand or gesture to ensure you are comfortable in your chosen outfit. You certainly don’t want a wardrobe malfunction on the day of your presentation!

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