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The modern learner: What’s changed?

In Development, Effectiveness, Learning, Training on June 17, 2016 at 4:07 am


I remember an episode of the popular American sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, where one of the characters, Leonard, was trying to convince his roommate, Sheldon, that maybe he couldn’t approach a particular issue as a ‘purely intellectual exercise’.

In presenting his case, Leonard cited the time Sheldon had tried to learn how to swim using the internet. Sheldon countered that he did, in fact, learn how to swim. To which Leonard retorted that he had only learnt how to swim on the floor. Sheldon then debated that the skills were transferable.

But are they?

If say, tomorrow, we were to log into an online learning platform or watch a webinar or read a book about how to swim, including breathing, exhaling, floating, and finally, the different strokes to execute a swim, would that automatically classify us as swimmers? Would we then be able to jump into a body of water and immediately apply the skills? Sure, apply the skills. But would we be able to do so deftly? What’s missing here?

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