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The art of mindfulness

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I was watching an episode of ‘An Idiot Abroad’ the other night. And the protagonist, Karl Pilkington, was in Petra, Jordan.

In this particular episode, he had spent countless hours on a camel, then overnight in a camp with others and having dinner eating parts of an animal he didn’t care for, then finally had had enough and insisted they drive the rest of the next day’s journey to their destination.

By the time Karl Pilkington got to Petra, one of the wonders of the world, and one of my most revered dream destinations, he was beside himself.

I watched with amusement at how distracted he was. Despite standing in the presence of one of the world’s most magnificent wonders, the carved ancient city that stood in front of him was furthest from his mind.

I wondered how I would react given being in the same situation. I found myself empathizing with the man. It was humbling.

Then I started wondering how, if I could whenever I want to, tap into the resources I have within me, to bring myself back to the present moment to simply be.

Is it all easier said than done?

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Word of the day: awareness

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I haven’t done one of these in a while. But I’m currently writing a blog about mindfulness and the word ‘awareness’ is a theme through it.

So it’s only fitting that it becomes the word of the day.

Stay tuned for the blog. Meanwhile, the art of practicing awareness comes from within and self first.

Only by mastering the art of being aware of self can we then learn the art of being aware of others.

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