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The modern day warrior

In Branding, Communication, Development, Inspire, Language, Leadership, Learning, Personal Branding on March 18, 2014 at 12:54 am

In her book, Fierce Conversations, Susan Scott states that ‘the conversation is the relationship’. She challenges us to have the courage to engage in those authentic, though sometimes challenging, conversations we most likely tend to avoid. Thereby enriching even the most challenging relationships. This is priceless in both a professional and personal arena.

The thing is, many of us know that such conversations salvage and/or maintain a relationship. Any relationship. It is in what we say. But it is also in what we do not say. In my humble opinion, when we choose to no longer say anything, it means the relationship is over. Perhaps it is about picking our battles.

When I first drafted this blog some weeks back, I meant for it to be a piece for one of my other blogsites. But this past month, I experienced a lesson that subconsciously I already knew I was aware of. So perhaps the experience was a test. Suffice to say, I passed with flying colors.

But it got me thinking. What does courage mean to you?

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